Profelec: About us

Established in 2008, ProfElec is electrical equipment and automation products distributor. Our international team consists of skilled specialist with switchgear manufacturing, engineering and distribution background.

  • Expertise in European high-end brands
  • Highly specialized in Schneider Electric
  • Low Voltage equipment up to 6300A, automation
  • Industrial, residential, tertiary
  • Project procurement & traditional distribution
  • Strategic partner for industrial partners
Years on the market 15
Accomplished projects 300+
Continents 5
Available brands 15
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Our history

2008 Establishment

During the early years, the Company focuses on Schneider Electric material for the domestic projects

2012 Portfolio revision

New brands and product categories added to ProfElec offers

2013 Export

ProfElec starts to export industrial equipment in other European countries

2015 Engineering

First electrical engineering contracts for marine. Accomplished 300+ projects since

2018 Strategic Expansion

New brands and product categories are added to ProfElec offers

2021 Online Store

€3 million of Schneider Electric stock at the touch of a button alongside next day shipping

Our customers

ProfElec is strongly focused on export that accounts to almost 97% of our sales. We service customers in Europe, Africa, Asia and both Americas. In our solutions we use high quality material from Schneider Electric, Legrand, ABB, Finder, Wago, Hager, Phoenix Contact, APC, Siemens, Eaton, Logstrup, OEZ.

Retail & Distributors Panel Builders OEMs End Users Maintenance Organizations System Integrators

Industries we serve

Energy Energy
Marine & Off-Shore Marine & Off-Shore
Electrical Distribution Electrical Distribution
Maintenance Organizations Maintenance Organizations
Automation and System Integration Automation and System Integration
Construction Construction
Oil & Gas, Chemical, Mining Oil & Gas, Chemical, Mining
Renewable Energy Renewable Energy
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Partner brands

MCB MCB Schneider, ABB, Hager, Siemens, OEZ, Legrand
MCCB MCCB Schneider, ABB, Siemens, OEZ, Legrand
Contactor, Switches, Relays Contactor, Switches, Relays Schneider, Legrand, ABB, Finder, Phoenix, Socomec
Signalization & Buttons Signalization & Buttons Schneider, Siemens, ABB
Wiring Accessories Wiring Accessories Schneider, Legrand, Wago, Phoenix, Weidmueller
Enclosures Enclosures Schneider, Rittal, Hager, Legrand, Schroff
Air Circuit Brakers (ACB) Air Circuit Brakers (ACB) Schneider, Siemens, ABB
Power Supply & Transformer Power Supply & Transformer Schneider, Phoenix, Siemens
PLC PLC Schneider, Siemens, Eaton, Allen Bradley
Power Monitoring Power Monitoring Schneider, Socomec
Wiring Devices Wiring Devices Schneider, Legrand
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Our Inventory

Focus in Schneider Electric
Focus in Schneider Electric low voltage products
Same day shipping
Same day shipping for orders before 1500H
Next Day Express Delivery
Next Day Express Delivery is available
Acti9 Miniature Circuit Breakers - MCBs Acti9 iC40, Acti9 iC60, Acti9 C120, Acti9 NG125
Insulation Monitoring Vigilohm
Acti9 Electrical Circuit Control Acti9 iCT, Acti9 iCT+, Acti9 iTL, Acti9 iPB, Acti9 Comb Busbar
Motor Switch - Disconnectors and Fuses Tesys Vario
Acti9 Switch Disconnectors Acti9 iSW & SW, Acti9 iSW-NA, Acti9 iPC
Molded Case Circuit Breakers - MCCB ComPacT NSX, New Generation
Acti9 Residual Current Devices - RCDs Acti9 Vigi iC40, Vigi for Acti9 iC60, Vigi for Acti9 C120, Acti9 iID, Acti9 iC60 RCBO (2P, 3P, 4P)
INS Switch Disconnector ComPact INS
Acti9 Monitoring and Control of Protection Acti9 Indication and Tripping Auxiliaries
22 mm Push Buttons, Switches, Pilots Lights Buttons and Pilot Lights XB4, XB5, XB7
Industrial Contactors Tesys Deca LC1D, LC1F, LC1K, GC
Low Voltage AC Machine Drives Altivar 312 Altivar, ATV320
Motor Protection Circuit Breakers GV2, GV3, GV4
Enclosures Pragma, Micro Pragma, Kaedra, NSY S3D, PrismaSet G, PrismaSet P
Motor Protection Overload Relays Tesys Deca LRD
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Contact us for any questions

Address 154 Ter Avenue Victor Hugo, 75116 Paris
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