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Compact NSXm

C12F44V160L - Schneider Electric - More than 10
844,62 € excl. VAT 1 013,55 € incl. VAT
C114050LS - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
165,76 € excl. VAT 198,91 € incl. VAT
C114050BS - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
163,40 € excl. VAT 196,08 € incl. VAT
C113050LS - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
135,83 € excl. VAT 162,99 € incl. VAT
C113050BS - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
135,83 € excl. VAT 162,99 € incl. VAT
C124160LS - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
289,86 € excl. VAT 347,84 € incl. VAT
C124160BS - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
238,85 € excl. VAT 286,62 € incl. VAT
C123160LS - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
198,80 € excl. VAT 238,56 € incl. VAT
C123160BS - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
195,54 € excl. VAT 234,65 € incl. VAT
C114100LS - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
171,17 € excl. VAT 205,41 € incl. VAT
C114100BS - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
184,37 € excl. VAT 221,24 € incl. VAT
C113100LS - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
151,79 € excl. VAT 182,15 € incl. VAT
C113100BS - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
153,13 € excl. VAT 183,75 € incl. VAT
LV426804 - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
57,53 € excl. VAT 69,03 € incl. VAT
LV426844 - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
65,90 € excl. VAT 79,08 € incl. VAT
LV426815 - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
46,71 € excl. VAT 56,05 € incl. VAT
LV426940 - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
14,99 € excl. VAT 17,98 € incl. VAT
LV426936T - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
72,51 € excl. VAT 87,02 € incl. VAT
LV426936 - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
73,34 € excl. VAT 88,01 € incl. VAT
LV426935 - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
78,66 € excl. VAT 94,39 € incl. VAT
LV426900 - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
104,54 € excl. VAT 125,44 € incl. VAT
LV426864 - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
62,64 € excl. VAT 75,17 € incl. VAT
LV426824 - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
74,65 € excl. VAT 89,58 € incl. VAT
LV426952 - Schneider Electric - Expected in 2-4 weeks
32,26 € excl. VAT 38,71 € incl. VAT
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Compact NSXm

Circuit Breaker Schneider Electric Compact is an automatic switch that demonstrates excellent functionality and a high level of efficiency. It represents one of the most compact installations with innovative additions in the form of Everlink terminals.

Circuit Breaker NSX 

The compact NSX is an embedded fixed-mounting device (stationary model), representing the result of 70 years of experience and leadership by Schneider Electric in the industrial circuit breaker market. It is available in two sizes, with a variety of additional extensions.

The key features of the models presented in this section include the ability to supply power from both the top and bottom; high efficiency coefficient. All of this ensures uninterrupted device operation, trouble-free commissioning, and the ability to operate the installation without deteriorating working characteristics.

Technical characteristics of micrologic NSX devices:

  • Nominal current 160A;
  • Maximum ICU level - 70kA (415V);
  • Integrated thermomagnetic circuit breaker (for short-circuit and overload protection);
  • Mounting on DIN rails with mounting plates;
  • High visibility level of integrated installations;
  • Improved Everlink terminals;
  • Several levels of disconnecting capacity - 16-70kA;
  • Automatic tripping systems type E-N;
  • Rated insulation voltage Ui - up to 800V;
  • Uniform size for currents 16-160A;
  • Presence of 1-4 poles;
  • 100% display of the disconnected system;
  • Thermomagnetic circuit breakers and disconnecting installations;
  • Various versions of disconnecting capacity for different switch sizes;
  • Plug&Play system for integration with alarms and control devices;
  • Guaranteed protection against electrical leakage through the use of the MicroLogic Vigi system, among others.

The compact NSX circuit breaker is used in manufacturing, residential, and office spaces. It provides protection for the electrical network from prolonged high current consumption and safeguards the network and technical equipment from short circuits.

Applications of Compact NSX Switches:

  • 100% protection of low-voltage systems from short circuits;
  • Devices for outgoing lines actively used in data centers;
  • Protection installations for industrial process control systems;
  • Protection for ventilation equipment, and more.

Important note: Various control devices, including auxiliary systems, are available as additions to molded-case circuit breakers in the Schneider range.

Efficiency of Schneider NSX Installation:

The Schneider Compact circuit breaker is distinguished by enhanced operational efficiency, primarily ensured by four factors:

  • The presence of a transparent micrologic NSX cover, allowing quick identification of the required switch.
  • All models of Compact NSX circuit breakers have a QR code, scanning which provides access to up-to-date information about the device.
  • The integrated protection system prevents ground leakage and ensures the safe use of the device.
  • The ability to incorporate multiple accessories for simplified installation and time-saving.

Instantaneous Tripping Technology in the Compact NSX Breaker:

The Compact NSX is the most compact Schneider automatic circuit breaker presented in the COMPACT series. It is equipped with all the existing additions from previous-generation models, including an improved contact tripping technology, making the device operate significantly more efficiently.

Thanks to timely integration, the installation achieves:

  • Extension of the equipment's operational lifespan on different power lines;
  • High levels of efficiency and the ability to apply a cascading type of electrical network.

Reliable EverLink Terminals on NSX Circuit Breaker

The Schneider Electric Compact NSX circuit breaker supports a modern method of power cable integration with enhanced terminals. These additions enable the following conditions:

  • Continuous maintenance of contact grip, allowing for increased operational efficiency of the device;
  • The ability to save space without compromising the quality of contact connection—connecting uninsulated cables is on par with solutions using capped-end wires;
  • High-level protection according to the IP40 standard, ensured through the use of extended end caps.

Such a compact NSX automatic circuit breaker, complemented by EverLink terminals, demonstrates high operational efficiency. It can be used for currents up to 160A, primarily due to its broad disconnecting capacity range.

Wireless Contacts for Quick Integration with Micrologic NSX

Next-generation power equipment features wireless contacts with an integrated LED signaling system. These enable the simple transmission of data and significantly improve the efficiency of the control of the installation.

Updated Catalog Numbers for Compact NSX

Automatic circuit breakers for protecting distribution networks are presented in an updated version. Buyers can order the Compact NSX under a new part number, familiarizing themselves with the updates in the catalog.

Advantages of the New NSX Automatic Circuit Breaker:

  • The model can be installed on a DIN rail or board;
  • Optimal cost;
  • Enhanced EverLinkTM terminals;
  • Protection according to IP20, IP40, and IP54/65 standards;
  • Compact dimensions (137x81x80 mm);
  • Ease of installation.

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